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10 Dec


Video Art appeals on many different levels and can draw a crowd when projected at live events. Early last Autumn I curated a moving image party at the Berwick Film Festival Fringe w/ help from the talented Andy McGregor. He beamed his motion art, strewn w/ my own digitised artworks, directly onto a whitewashed courtyard wall. The event ran late into the night when many festival attendees had gathered to party to a neuro hop soundtrack.


On return to Edinburgh in 2015, my new body of work was presented at Wave after Wave. It was here at the gallery that the artworks were noticed by video artist Roddy McNeil who collectively w/ Shaun Taylor goes by the name Second Space. A collaboration enabled the two video artists to remix my exhibition artworks for projection at Second Space Poetry events where literary themes merge w/ modern trends to create a fluid new frontier in the Arts.

Second Space Poster 15.12.12 fb.png




10 Oct


9 Jul

                                                                                  art or laundry

Wave after Wave

12 Apr
graphter jim & guests

graphter jim & surprise guests at whitespace

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4 Mar


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Quay Walls, Berwick

14 Jul


Palace Street Palace Street

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North Sea lights

4 May

North Sea lights

Particles collide w/ mist on the North East shore.