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Edinburgh’s India Buildings

25 Jul


A look inside Edinburgh’s A-listed India Buildings. Summer 2016 presented an opportunity to performers from around the art spectrum to converge at the Buildings. Wave after Wave curated a collaborative mixed media show inside the Rotunda’s gallery.  In 2018, the C19th building and Central Library’s Cowgatehead gap site were both acquired by hoteliers. The council had already approved planning permission several years earlier in 2015. Due to open in 2020, Virgin Hotels Edinburgh will be completed in partnership with owner Flemyn and developer Jansons Property. The hotel will be managed by Virgin Hotels, and asset managed by Siggis Capital. Questions were raised re. daylight impact to the Central Library.



The Atrium Floor



Jacqueline Burnett’s paper collage Skulll, Wave after Wave



Wave after Wave



main entrance detail


the gateway at the stair tower base was intended for carts



Wave after Wave


10 Dec


Video Art appeals on many different levels and can draw a crowd when projected at live events. Early last Autumn I curated a moving image party at the Berwick Film Festival Fringe w/ help from the talented Andy McGregor. He beamed his motion art, strewn w/ my own digitised artworks, directly onto a whitewashed courtyard wall. The [BYOB] event ran late into the night when many festival attendees had gathered to party to a neuro hop soundtrack.


On return to Edinburgh in 2015, I directed a collaborative mixed media show called Wave after Wave. It was here at the Whitespace gallery that the artworks were noticed by video artist Roddy McNeil who collectively w/ Shaun Taylor goes by the name Second Space. A collaboration enabled the two video artists to remix my exhibition artworks for projection at Second Space events where literary themes merge w/ modern trends to create a new frontier in the Visual Arts.

Second Space Poster 15.12.12 fb.png


Wave On

14 Jun


Wave after Wave sets about to visualize the movement and colour you find in the elements, the cosmos, great music and architecture.” The List, Edinburgh.


our venue of choice: Whitespace, a former tyre depot in EH1

Experiments begin mid Autumn ’14 when Graphter Jim puts his customised app and spirograph through their paces. Gradient colour washes get applied to the undulating grids.

Languishing in a basement kitchen during the dark cold months, Mister Jules rediscovers an idea that he dreamt up some 15 years ago – to print ltd. ed. t-shirts like nobody else. The body of work grew week upon week as more sketch books appeared. The key to unlocking the print production happened when Jules donated a fairly decent epson scanner to Jim Grapht. Repro and scanning are really not bad ways to pass the time when its pishin down sleet.

Tools - Mechanics

Tools – Mechanics

Another key link along the print production chain was Dougie in the Cowgate who heat transferred the artwork onto tees. He says the next batch might be produced on a digital screenprint when the lad’s new machine arrives.

Tipper – Gulch

2 artists, Cassandra Harrison & Samantha Cary both received the show’s call and were each asked to submit a body of work to present at the surprise guest wall. Back in Edinburgh, a video editor took stock. A prevailing feeling was noted that all artists involved were carving a path on their own wavy terms.

Various friends were loitering in the area giving encouragement and then the friends who appear when you say “Opening night – free wine” ..they arrived, then several more visitors bringing cheese crackers and beer Smiling Face on HTC Sense 8

Smiling Face on emojidex 1.0.34

Roddy opened the gallery the very next day to invigilate our show and never missed a day in 4 weeks. That included the weekends. His chosen fuel: cheese and ham sandwiches w salad. They could have created a mild storm on instagram.


mister jules’ flying tees


Tools – Carpentry

Favourite comment from the show has to be “Not too scrappy!” One day our A-board blew over twice when Edinburgh was thrown deep into an baltic tundra. Bookmark flyers were put into circulation, we felt like an antidote to the rubbish weather.

bookmark reverse

bookmark reverse

Gordon Thomson dropboxed us a body of work that we hoped could fill half the surprise guest wall when the Berwickers left the building. Due to weather related travel complications, Tommy & Jules were unable to collect Gordon’s wonderful photos, nor had we found the other surprise guest artist.

Enter Ursula Cheng

We had a good feeling about the synergy here as we knew Ursula’s work from the Hidden Door, a happening urban festival in the very middle of our hometown at the old street lighting depot. We made haste to collect Ursula’s work at the festival site then onto the Fruitmarket Gallery to collect the third piece before installing at Whitespace.


Ursula Cheng’s screenprints – Roddy on the ladder

machrihanish by graphter jim


The invigilator breezed about the gallery capturing colourful reflections on his camcorder. Then from nowhere – heatwave. The sliding doors were opened and we baked in the sun all the way through ’til exit – we seem to get a little prequel to Summer around mid to late May. The endless Summer of 1976 is all but a distant urban legend these days..


[it should be noted that 2018 saw that Summer heat return – HOT!]




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Cyanotype Prints

6 Mar

Cyanotype Prints

Created in a darkroom environment in a wine cellar, these images were blazed onto the wood when the photo emulsion coating reacted to the UV light beam.


2 Jan


A landscape that shows Grangemouth consumed by the wilderness in a future when Scotland no longer relies on fossil fuels. My new body of work explores abandonment, in the same way that ancient Mayan settlements were eventually reclaimed by the rainforest, and the deindustrialisation that caused Detroit’s urban decay, only in a Northern setting.

Stockfest ’13

12 Sep

flyer1Hey peeps, its Stockfest next week, and we have an exhibition at an award winning contemporary architect’s studio in Stockbridge.

10 Deanhaugh Street,
Edinburgh, EH4 1LY.


exhibition extended until 22/3/2014

Quay Walls

16 Jul
Palace Street

Palace Street